I’m a photographer that enjoys landscape, floral, and cityscapes photography. I am a Philadelphian; born and raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I now reside in Limerick, a community in the western suburb of Philadelphia. At the age of 12 I started shooting when my grandmother gave me a Kodak Brownie camera as a birthday gift. Attended the Community College of Philadelphia where I earned an associate degree in photography.  Afterwards, spent 12 years as a Pennsylvania Air National Guard photographer. In the PaANG I earned several awards in both Color and Black & White photography. I try to bring out elements often missed by the casual observer.

When ask by people, “Why and for whom do you take photographs?” I answered, “First and foremost, for me.” Reflecting on that response, I tried to be more introspective about its meaning. What was I trying to achieve emotionally when walking about the world taking photos? Is to capture that moment in time that exist only for a fraction of a second for myself so to share with others.

I am moved when seeing the world in all its splendor and the people from all walks of life displaying true emotion. From a depth of an aging face, tradespeople performing their daily chores, the wonderment of a child, or our great land. As a photographer, I am most comfortable when immersed behind the camera feeling the energy of those around me. This is where I can capture images which are real, vibrant, and unscripted. This is where I can memorialize emotions of the moment which are universal and make the world a smaller and friendlier place. These are the true universal emotions of the world.

Every image I capture; is a part of me with that scene or person I am photographing. Even the most harden person or a simple shop keeper wants to see themselves in an image. When serving in the military I would always approach a soldier asking permission to take the photograph by saying “Let me make you famous”.  Which I did by preserving that moment in their life forever.

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